Thursday, May 23, 2019

Hm, Something Is Missing....

And I can not exactly put my finger on what it is (wink, wink). As manufacturer of these commemorative coins states:
I still cannot  exactly identify what is strange about this coin. 

So, I had to go and dig a bit deeper into the history of WW II and lo and behold. Even Dr. Seuss knew a thing a two in 1943 what was really going on.

Soviets certainly were much more conscious about all that:

With Unified Strike
But never mind, the idea that Overlord couldn't have been possible without coordinated actions between Allies and USSR--the exact topic number one on the agenda at Tehran Conference--can give some people an aneurysm.  Red Army, as was settled, to relieve Allies in Normandy unleashed on June 22, 1944 Operation Bagration, which annihilated Wehrmacht's Army Group Center and ensured that Allies were able to breakout of the beachheads they captured on D-Day. Well that, and a simple fact that 80% of the best Axis forces perished on Eastern Front--you know, a small contribution by the Soviets, who still erect monuments to their valiant Allies:

Other than that, this new commemorative coin is just another step in a complete rewriting of history, which is needed for reinforcing self-proclaimed exceptionalist myth of the United States. I warned about this from the start of this blog:
The crucible of the modern world we live in remains on the battlefields of the World War II. It was an event of unprecedented scale in human history. In fact, it dwarfed anything humanity had experienced before. The Allied victory over Nazism seemed to pave the way to a better future but things changed very fast. One way they changed was the fact that, as David Glantz and Jonathan House note in their seminal "When Titans Clashed" (pages 275-276):"...the Soviets,by rights, had an undisputed claim to the lion's share of the spoils of this victory over Nazi Germany. In Western perceptions, however, the political consequences of that victory deprived the Soviet Union of that right."Here, these two brilliant American scholars, make one substantial mistake--the claims were not "undisputed", the whole industry, from media to academe, was born to dispute and to completely pervert the history of WW II.This industry is alive and well and it continues to work to reinforce generally Anglo-Saxon, and American in particular, point that it was thanks to the United States that the Nazi Germany was defeated.
As you can see, the process of rewriting the WW II history continues. As I pointed out to one such buffoon from, where else, The National Interest dumpster, about two years ago. In the end--they need to believe, without it--their world collapses.

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