Monday, April 8, 2024

Dawning Realization.

Mike Krupa sent me this interesting document: from Polish American Strategic Initiative. The title of document is: Open Letter against Poland’s military engagement in Ukraine. Here is almost full letter:

Many within the Polish American community strongly believe that NATO should remain a defense alliance and not an instrument of unrestrained geopolitical ambitions of its most dominant members. Poland must not allow itself to be drawn or forced into military engagement(s) outside of Polish borders unless attacked. The trajectory of future developments is not easy to predict nor is it predetermined. However, it is a given that the future political and military decisions of the Russian Federation will depend on the actions of its adversaries. Escalatory behaviors will be predictably met with escalatory reactions. Russia’s conviction of facing an existential threat and its clearly signaled determination to use all its capabilities in the conflict need to be seriously considered before any escalatory steps are taken.

The consequences of conflict escalation advocated by some European leaders might lead to highly tragic outcomes in Poland and globally. We urge Polish politicians to refrain from offensive rhetorical excesses and empty threats, which regrettably indicate an inability to realistically assess Poland’s capabilities in a situation of actual military confrontation. Polish Americans stand ready to support and assist President Duda and Prime Minister Tusk as they work together to strengthen and maintain Poland’s deterrence capabilities but remain adamantly opposed to engaging Poland deeper in a war that cannot be won, and which would ultimately lead to the destruction of Poland. We appeal to Poland’s leaders to align with those European leaders who call for a peaceful resolution of the war.

Reasonable and wise letter, I would say. Comes with another peculiar document of some people in UK realizing that:

Correct. They call for effectively disbanding Foreign Office, which lives in La-La Land of British "greatness", and reconstituting it anew. They also call for UK concentrating more on multilateralism in dealing with same middle-sized powers like Japan. They still, however, use the same fictitious economic metrics, like nominal GDP, and that completely discredits--expected from British "scientists"--any further analysis. But... but, at least they concede--UK is not Premier League, she is at best a Championship, at worst--the league lower than Championship. But, hey, progress is progress, right? I will reiterate--there are only three superpowers in the world: USA, China and Russia. India ascending, but still has a long way to go. The dynamics within these three is pretty obvious. US is abdicating, Russia and China are ascending. A lot will be revealed at November 2024. If Democrats win--the US will be over, no matter the political dynamics, because the US is bankrupt now and today. The only difference if she disintegrates fully or will make a relatively soft landing, with as little bloodshed as possible, amidst final preparations for US Dollar's funeral.   

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