Wednesday, April 3, 2024

I Am Completely Done With Writing...

 ... now I am just waiting for final edit from the chief editor and then the book goes off to printing with blurbs from some people I know. There is a lot in the book which many of you already know or have been subjected to in my previous three books. Meanwhile, I am pouring myself some Jack (so unusual to feel the pressure of writing lifted off my shoulders) and getting into the magical world of Ayreon. 

Nice title, right? Great music and great lyrics...

Arjen as always is bombastic and mystic. The music is great and harks back to a masterpiece of The Final Experiment. Obviously, those who never heard Russian prog band Little Tragedies with their mind-boggling New Faust may not recognize the mental thrust--all this is in the same vein--a recognition of a tectonic scale change of the world. Played by music virtuosos, for the rest--there is always Taylor Swift. 

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