Monday, April 22, 2024

A Profound LOL.

Sure, sure. 

A new US aid package will harden Ukraine’s resistance but will not be enough to stem the tide in the conflict with Russia, officials in Kiev and military analysts have reportedly told the Financial Times. The US House of Representatives approved a $61 billion security package for Kiev on Saturday, following months of congressional squabbling over Republican demands for the White House to boost security on the Mexican border. The bill still needs to be approved by the Democratic-majority Senate and signed by US President Joe Biden. Although the new package has prompted Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky to claim that his country could still defeat Russia, many officials in Kiev are less enthusiastic, arguing it “is unlikely to dramatically alter Kiev’s situation on the frontline,” according to the FT.

I have news for Financial Times--even $120 billion are not going to change anything, unless NATO somehow finds personnel and hardware to somehow deploy about a million personnel to fight Russia. Of course, even in this case this number of personnel will have very low morale and training and will have no viable air defense, but, hey, can we imagine things for the heck of it? 

Now about tower in Kharkov. I remember one US Army general trying to convince the audience of either CNN or MSNBC that, and I quote, "Russian long range weapons are nowhere near as accurate as American ones". Well, today Russians blew up the top of Kharkov TV tower by a long-range weapon and that tells you how accurate those weapons are. Let me put it mildly--they are as accurate as any long-range weapon can possibly be, and that tells you that they have damn good inertial navigation and excellent homing capabilities. 

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