Monday, April 22, 2024

About Dehumanization.

I stated on a number of occasions that I will not allow to de-humanize peoples, as in nations. I do not like Israel, but not all Jews are genocidal Zionists, many are, but very many are not. Average Americans may not be the brightest people, but neither are Russians or Chinese, for that matter. We need to run a very fine line between often and rightly criticizing national traits which are not commendable and condemning people as a whole. The reason I brought this up is because people criticize, and they have a full right to do so, America's urban and suburban environments. Some of them are indeed ugly. Some cities simply decayed into oblivion--this is modern American economy and culture, but it is not a totality of it. 

And here is where I make a distinction. People do  not like strip-malls? They have a full right to not like them, but I do not necessarily condemn them, strip-malls that is. In fact, I think many of them serve a very good community purpose and who said that one does not need a good grocery store and nail salon? It is one thing to justifiably condemn consumerism, totally another to see not just aesthetical positives but utility which is also a cultural trait. And here is where I come to the defense of one story America. In fact, it is where real America still survives. It is also America I love dearly. Yes, some towns and hamlets are ugly, but many are cozy, inviting, friendliest and pleasing, that is until they elect Democratic mayors;) For people who travel in and to the West of the Rockies it is normal to constantly pass through some of the most beautiful towns. There is nothing wrong with such places as Wallace, ID. 

Or coastal towns of Washington or Oregon, with the exception of Aberdeen--that is a shithole, I guess Cobain's suicide has something to do with his town of birth. But many other towns are beautiful and unique. Have you been to Astoria, OR?
And on, and on, and on. You know what Switzerland or Germany's alpine country do not have on this America? They don't have ocean and scale. And don't get me started on Northern California and Redwoods. So, there is nothing wrong with truck stops either.

These guys make the country go. Well, the old Butte is kinda shitty, but the rest of it is charming and Montana's beauty and expanse compensate for it. Would I live in Germany? No. Would I live in Montana or Idaho if I had to? Absolutely. There is much more to this America than just appearances. And even in Russia, with Altai being in a direct competition with America's West, the nearest ocean is in 4 to 5 hour flight. Big water makes all the difference, including climate. In the end, this is the only remaining America we've got, the rest of it is over. Consider this, the movie The Postman by Kevin Costner is shot in Washington, Oregon and Arizona and I love the movie. And then there are the East Coast towns and some of them are gorgeous. So, be kind to your local strip-mall and local COSTCO;)

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