Saturday, April 6, 2024

Some Good Humor...

Very good in its direct style. Paige Spiranac is one of the most stunningly beautiful young women in the world, but now she became a geopolitical meme)).

This is really good: Damn Russians use secrecy as a weapon... Oh, no!

It's understandable that the Ukrainians and their Western bosses are upset: last year every week they publicly announced what they were going to do: attack in the direction of Crimea to cut the Russian troops in two slices, recover Artemivsk (Bakhmut), occupy the other side of Dnieper close to Kherson. It was honest information, not a trap, they really tried to do everything they said. The Russians could have reciprocated, they think by being so kind eto inform them of their intentions. But no, they're mean, they keep their mouths shut. It's like war is a secret business. Oh wait, wait, wars, before the Ukrainian originality, war indeed have always been a secret business. In the past, they didn't warn Napoleon's armies that they were planning to burn down Moscow: they let them advance on the great city without so much as a yellow alert. The orange and red alerts only flashed when Napoleon and his warriors were so close to the city that they could warm themselves in the flames. Later, they failed to warn the German high command that they would not abandon Leningrad or Stalingrad.  As a result, Goebbels' propaganda machine repeatedly announced the capture of the two cities while the fighting continued in the urban centre of both of them.All to make Goebbels go green of anger, of course. And to make him say: "This was it, this was it" just to recognise later: "There are still skirmishes, but well, at some point they'll give up". 

Read the whole thing. Interestingly, Bernhard also posted today in the same vein:

This is because average Western media personality not only has no integrity, due to most of them, top-bottom, being paid shills for the "current thing", but 99% of those "experts" are dumb as fuck. So it is an explosive mix of human venality and being professional ass-holes with professional and academic efficiency of the high-school paper level editor. Or, for that matter, equivalent of Al Bundy's famous "four touch downs". In high school football.

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