Thursday, April 4, 2024

The Mystery Has Been Solved...

 ... through Falichev's classmates from... drum roll... and as I suspected... most likely Lvov Political Academy, Journalism Department, 100%--Lenin's Political Academy. Here are some highly critical views of Falichev by other military journalist, his classmate, Colonel Andrusov. 

Успел за неделю до празднования столетнего юбилея газеты отпечатать 15 книг и   20 фотоприложений.  Немалую  часть изданной продукции  отправил Фаличеву почтой с доставкой на дом  –  в аккурат  к  торжественному собранию в Центральном доме Российской  Армии   1   декабря   2023   года.   Однако. . .  Однако,  от чванливого полковника    О. В.  Фаличева  поступило  сухое,  краткое сообщение:  «Книга пришла сегодня».   И  НИКАКИХ  БЛАГОДАРНОСТЕЙ !  Досадно  сознавать ещё  то,  что  Олег даже не  спросил,  в какую сумму обошлись мне полиграфические услуги.   Откровенно говоря, я впервые в жизни  столкнулся с  этаким пренебрежением и снобизмом.  Моя  благожелательность  не нашла  отклика  в душе  Фаличева.     Зёрна  доброты,   к  сожалению,    не   дали  всходов. . .  Комчванством,  манией величия в некоторой степени страдает и другой известный  московский полковник Анушкевич Борис Павлович. Давайте вдумаемся в следующую фразу:  «Витяй, привет!  Олег не будет предлагать государственным организациям свою книгу о 100-летии КЗ в переизданном тобой варианте. Резоны такие: солидная дата, боевое издание. героические люди и эпизоды, цитаты крупных военачальников, известных военкоров. А издана в формате детской литературы с неуместными подчёркиваниями. . .»

Translation: A week before the celebration of the newspaper's centenary, I managed to print 15 books and 20 photo supplements. A considerable part of the published products was sent to Falichev by mail with home delivery - just in time for the ceremonial meeting in the Central House of the Russian Army on December 1, 2023. However. . . However, a dry, brief message was received from the swaggering Colonel O.V. Falichev: “The book arrived today.” AND NO THANKS! It’s also annoying to realize that Oleg didn’t even ask how much the printing services cost me. Frankly speaking, for the first time in my life I encountered such disdain and snobbery. My benevolence did not find a response in Falichev’s soul. The seeds of kindness, unfortunately, did not germinate. . . Another famous Moscow colonel, Boris Pavlovich Anushkevich, also suffers from snobbery and delusions of grandeur to some extent. Let's think about the following phrase: “Vityay, hello! Oleg will not offer his book about the 100th anniversary of KZ (Red Star) to government organizations in the version republished by you. The reasons are: a solid date, a combat edition. heroic people and episodes, quotes from major military leaders, famous military officers. And it was published in the format of children's literature with inappropriate underlining. . ."

There you go--everything becomes very clear: they didn't teach in Lvov any serious military-engineering issues, especially in 1970s based around now utterly obsolete hardware and tactical and operational concepts. That is why Colonel Falichev, who later graduated Lenin's Military-Political Academy... the (newspaper) Editorial Faculty doesn't have even basic tool kit for grasping modern ISR and modern operations unless someone expressed their personal opinion to him. I read his couple of pieces in Svobodnaya Pressa tabloid--a tedious re-narration of US military media about space plans and a couple of military platitudes. He was in Chechnya as correspondent. SMO helped me to discard completely another graduate of this Lvov madras--Vladislav Shurygin who portrayed himself utterly incompetent in any serious issue of combat control and technology which provides for it. All of it, without exception, is, indeed, children illustrated book level stuff. SMO exposed so many frauds... Now everything becomes clear. And there is a reason I always go for a jugular in terms of education and background. That is why I never obscure mine... Now you understand why I posted the table of content and article summary from Military Thought--exactly, written by senior officers and one general all of who are Ph.Ds in technical and physics-mathematical sciences. Feel the difference...

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