Wednesday, April 17, 2024

You Know What?

Fuck it. I am not flying Boeing products other than 747 and 757 anymore. I had it. As much as I view Europe with contempt, at least Airbus makes good planes. For now. 

A Boeing quality engineer went public Tuesday with damaging allegations that the jet-maker took manufacturing shortcuts to increase production rates that leave potentially serious structural flaws on its 787 and 777 widebody planes. The Boeing engineer, Sam Salehpour, alleged that almost 1,000 787s and about 400 777s currently flying are at risk of premature fatigue damage and structural failure. On Jan. 19, lawyers for Salehpour wrote a letter detailing his allegations to Mike Whitaker, head of the Federal Aviation Administration. The agency said Tuesday it is investigating the claims. “We thoroughly investigate all safety reports,” FAA spokesperson Ian Gregor said. Salehpour will speak next week at a Senate hearing convened by Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., “to examine Boeing’s broken safety culture, focusing on firsthand accounts.” Boeing said it is in discussions and will cooperate with Blumenthal’s committee and has “offered to provide documents, testimony, and technical briefings.”

This is from Seattle Times. The US literally begins to cease as a functional society, Europe is already there. Will they suicide this guy too? This is what financial economy--meaning "capitalization" fraud and BS taught in economics programs--does to society. Luddites fought "technology", will we live to see stock brokers and "financial advisers" be subjected to the same fate? Remember this, though?

The country literally sinks, or comes apart at the seams--whatever one prefers. In related news--the guy certainly is not a dummy and knows where the future is:

For those who are interested--search the term "Limita" (Лимита), Russians are having a field day with this one, LOL))). And why not?  Plus, Moscow smells with good food, nice perfumes and flowers. It is safe and clean. Beats any European or US city. Yeah, sure, we all know that every attractive Russian woman is a spy but read the article--it is fun. A good fodder for brainwashed UK public loving their tabloids. I will abstain from repeating a good ol' joke why Brits were good sailors... something about their food and wives;))

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