Sunday, April 14, 2024

Ah, The Spin...

 ... Israel spins the number of shot down slow subsonic drones, WOW! That's what their Iron Dome is designed for--to catch either very slow drones or slow easily calculable ballistic trajectory Katyusha rockets. What must not be overlooked is the fact of extremely well documented penetration of the vaunted, a euphemism for grossly embellished, Israeli AD by modern ballistic and, as Iran reports, hypersonic missiles. This was the main strike weapon and it did its job. What job, you may ask. Simple--symbolic punishment of Israel and it did succeed. Big time. Iran has demonstrated that in case of real war it can turn Israel into parking lot and no Israeli or any other NATO air defense will be able to do anything about it. 

So, who is the loser in all that? Easy--Erdogan who could have been the leader of the Islamic world in dealing with Israel by shutting down Turkish supplies of oil, fuels and other war materiel to Israel involved in unprecedented genocide of Gaza civilians. He failed, now it is Iran which, yet again, stood up to Israeli-American lobby, as it did when hot air balloon Trump gave order on killing General Soleimani, and the eyes of the Islamic world, including this ever important Arab street are now on Tehran, not Ankara. Erdogan has only himself to blame. The consequences, strategic ramifications of this strike will have, already having, a long lasting effect. E.g. 

Израиль не осуждал атаки киевского режима по территории России, ответила официальный представитель МИД России Мария Захарова в ответ на призыв посла Израиля в Москве Симоны Гальперин осудить атаку Ирана. Захарова обратилась в своем Telegram-канале к Гальперин с вопросом о том, когда Израиль осудил хотя бы один удар киевского режима по российским регионам. Она также отметила, что не помнит таких заявлений, но помнит регулярные заявления в поддержку действий президента Украины Владимира Зеленского со стороны израильских официальных лиц. Ранее Гальперин заявила, что Израиль ожидает, что Россия осудит массированный ракетный удар Ирана по Израилю.

Translation: Israel did not condemn the Kyiv regime’s attacks on Russian territory, said Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova in response to a call from Israeli Ambassador to Moscow Simone Halperin to condemn Iran’s attack. Zakharova addressed Galperin in her Telegram channel with a question about when Israel condemned at least one strike by the Kyiv regime on Russian regions. She also noted that she does not remember such statements, but remembers regular statements in support of the actions of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky from Israeli officials. Earlier, Halperin said that Israel expects Russia to condemn Iran's massive missile attack on Israel.

Ouch! Chutzpah you say? Doesn't fly with Russia. As for speculations of what it all means--I will make video tomorrow and explain also why the new Middle East was born yesterday. Now let Israel and US propaganda BS, that's the only thing militarily they can do. 

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