Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Doubling The Production...

 ... Shoigu ordered doubling of production of S1 Pantsirs in their latest modifications. 

Поставки в войска зенитных ракетно-пушечных комплексов «Панцирь» в этом году вырастут почти в два раза, заявил на коллегии Минобороны его глава Сергей Шойгу. Модификация «Панцирь-СМ» считается самым современным средством ПВО ближнего радиуса действия. Эти комплексы получили новый радар с активной фазированной решеткой, в результате дальность обнаружения целей возросла с 32–36 км до 75 км. Максимальная дистанция поражения составляет 40 км. Для «Панцирей» разрабатываются малокалиберные боеприпасы, сообщали ранее «Известия». В них использованы система управления и боевая часть, близкие по своим возможностям к обычным ракетам «Панциря». Новые боеприпасы будут очень эффективны против беспилотников, а также смогут применяться против ПТУРов, снарядов РСЗО, противорадиолокационных ракет и других средств воздушного нападения. Минимальная зона поражения воздушных целей такими ракетами уменьшится до 500 м. Полный боекомплект заряженной на борьбу с дронами установки может составлять до 48 ЗУР.

Translation: Supplies of Pantsir anti-aircraft missile and gun systems to the troops will almost double this year, its head Sergei Shoigu said at a meeting of the Ministry of Defense. The Pantsir-SM modification is considered the most modern short-range air defense system. These complexes received a new radar with an active phased array, as a result, the target detection range increased from 32–36 km to 75 km. The maximum engagement distance is 40 km. Small-caliber ammunition is being developed for Pantsirs, Izvestia previously reported. They use a control system and warhead similar in their capabilities to conventional Pantsir missiles. The new ammunition will be very effective against drones, and can also be used against ATGMs, MLRS shells, anti-radar missiles and other air attack weapons. The minimum area (zone) for hitting air targets with such missiles will be reduced to 500 m. The full ammunition load of an anti-drone installation can be up to 48 missiles.

So, combined with ECM this is what development of counter-measures looks like. Both Tor M2s and Pantsirs performed admirably already in Syria, now it is a new scale. 

In related news, oopsie--there is no hiding anymore, especially when you are a high level military bureaucrat. Deputy Defense Minister of Russia, General Timur Ivanov has been detained under the suspicion of taking a bribe (in Russian). The guy was (now "was") in charge of construction for military personnel. In other words--the most senior quartermaster of Russian Defense Ministry. Not anymore. He took, allegedly, more than one R 1 million (how much more? MORE) bribe and will now have up to 15 years in "resort" to think about his life, if his guilt will be proven, which I think it will be. Rear services of such immense force as Russian Armed Forces means access to immense financial resources and contracts dispensation, which, I speculate, what the bribe was all about--to get juicy construction contract. I am sure more arrests are coming. What the fuck this guy was thinking while having the salary about the size half of this bribe a month. I guess greed got to him big time. Most likely it is one of possibly many such episodes which will be "attached" later. The conclusion? Serve honestly... 

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