Wednesday, April 24, 2024

New Details...

 ... about this former Deputy Ivanov. Boy, this is awesome.

1. SOB was (they "divorced" just recently, for obvious purpose) married to a very expensive "socialite" (a euphemism for glamour slut) with ties to Israel. So, the guy was very weak in pussy department. But his "socialite" required a lot of money to stay glamorous.

2. The guy was "in development" for a long time by military counterintelligence and the case is under FSB supervision. That tells you something, doesn't it, wink, wink. And keep in mind, the guy in reality is not a cadre officer--he was brought on board for purely construction experience and running large orgs of this nature. So, now the big game starts and, something tells me, that we will not know the whole story for some time, wink, wink. So, Ivanov now is singing like a bird... Bonesy will love this;))

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