Thursday, April 25, 2024

And When I Thought...

 ... that they buried one of the most stupidest military ideas ever... they come back with even stupider one.  

The sheer idiocy is such that it almost beats the idiocy of Russia-Kyrgyzstan transport corridor through... Caspian Sea. But then again, those military and geopolitical thinkers are still stuck in a wonderful diesel-punk (or paleo-future, if you wish) world as seen in a wonderfully stupid but visually delightful Sky Captain And The World of Tomorrow.  

What's next? Return to 1950s and Goblin?
Somebody, tell these guys that it is 2024 and US Air Defense and Air Force have about zero experience of fighting anything serious. Maybe that is why they constantly go back to halcyon days of America's industrial and financial prowess which allowed to waste resources on all kinds of stupid projects. Vietnam destroyed those illusions pretty fast.

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