Saturday, April 13, 2024

On Iran...

 ... it is only natural to defer to Larry on this issue due to his extensive intel background and connections. So, as Larry pointed out yesterday--West is in panic mode. There is, evidently, a hacker attack on Israel's networks. Some in US Administration say the strike will happen early morning the 14th. Maybe. Israel is in anticipation mode. Sometimes wait is worse than the action itself. Iranians are keenly aware of that. They may even play mindfuckery with Israel. Now, the rumor has it, not confirmed yet, that 100 French soldiers arrived to Slavyansk, to "help" with its defense. LOL. Poor sods, did they leave last will and testament for their relatives in France? Most of them are not coming back. In coffins, maybe. Will see. My new video should be ready in about an hour. Standby. Bonesy, Happy Birthday, my friend. I also wish the same to you in video.  


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