Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Larry Makes A Good Analogy.

When he recalls a universally beloved cartoon:

Well, we have BoJo who desperately tries to compare himself to Sir Winston. Churchill was a classic British SOB, but he had enough honor to take responsibility for Gallipoli failure. Churchill was also a great demagogue with a gift for a dry wit. BoJo, who is a product of a pedophile and degenerate culture of British "elites" and who would shit his pants from being next to any artillery piece, is not Sir Winston, no matter how he tries. But today he fights for his "survival" with his "cabinet" resigning in industrial quantities.  Somebody called BoJo smart, it is akin to... well, you know what? It never was my favorite Queen's piece, but John Deacon created some of the greatest Queens global hits. Or as Vladimir Putin says:

Another one bites the dust.  
Funky, eh? 

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