Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Oh, No, Oh, No... I Love This Meme.

So, the Tyrant, after all: 

Darn. Joe, on the other hand, continues to confabulate his biography, you know--lying--and if his deepening and, frankly, embarrassing for POTUS dementia hasn't been enough, he now declared that he has a cancer due to him living in Delaware. I never knew Delaware was THAT bad. 

Of course, sappy sentimental BS of Joe's mom wiping oil spills from the windshiled, while driving in Delaware, is a good indication of a complete implosion of the system of governance in the US, which the whole world observes both in amusement and... embarrassment for self-proclaimed hegemon. But...

Those creeps in DNC do not even understand that apart from abusing a truly mentally disabled man, however despicable Joe Biden and his clan are, they continue to humiliate the country. Leonid Brezhnev in his late years was an example of a coherent speech and mental clarity compared to Joe. It is a national shame and for any person who didn't lose the remnants of his or her humanity and decency (District of Columbia doesn't count--none to be found there) it is also painful to watch without cringing.

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