Thursday, July 21, 2022

The Friday Is Coming...Don't Look Back.

I will write (and speak) on the issue of if American culture at large is worth saving (it is, BTW), but there were some things which made it unique in many good senses and this shouldn't be discounted at all. Many would have issues with facing the fact that amazing baroque music was nothing more than pop and rock music of its time. Yes, even Vivaldi. It was written and performed for people (royalty comes first) to enjoy. This hasn't changed until woke pseudo-culture penetrated the West. But there was a time when Brad Delp was still alive and Tom Scholz were producing an amazing music. 

America didn't "win" the world in the 20th century by means of arms or some convoluted geopolitical ideas, the US lost most of its wars. These were ideas of freedom (today turned into the ideas of freedOOm) of expression and of thought which became so attractive, that did the trick. Those ideas had a specific visual, audio and even smell properties to them. And the music, ever important, were one of those ideas. 

One of the greatest sounds ever, Boston was it...

The whole thing is a wall of sound which crushes you... I know, I have a top notch stereo system, which when playing at 70% can blow the windows out of the house...

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