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Why They Hate....

Before I start, here is the guy who is a big honcho at CNN on "climate and inequality".  

Drew is a writer and producer for CNN Digital covering the climate crisis, inequality and much more. He joined CNN in January 2014.

His educational (lack of) "credentials" are impeccable and fit perfectly for a work in such a sewer as CNN since he knows how to push keyboards and has a substantial experience, and I quote, such as: Wrote, produced and edited text and video stories for’s reader empowerment-focused Impact Your World initiative. Pitched original story ideas for sponsored series. Produced and edited obituary packages for air on CNN networks... Helped launch and co-wrote “The Good Stuff,” CNN’s newsletter focused on reader empowerment and “feel good” stories. So, the guy is like really powerful and has all the required background, like Greta Thunberg, for discussing a BS modelling which is known in the West as "climate science" fraud. But this guy, who, I assume, holds also Ph.D in golf and table games, has no problem writing this:

Well, it is CNN, alright. But here is a strange twist.  Just follow my train of thought, OK? Drew Kann is an epitome of the modern day Western "expert" pushing an ultimate BS of the anthropogenic origin of the climate change, which, of course, changes (no one argues against that) all the time, and since this guy wouldn't know the difference between exponential and differential equations, he wouldn't know the difference between mathematical model predicting next bowel movement by the average patient in the hospital and climate change. Here is the another guy: 
He is Chung Rae Kwang, he is a former graduate of Georgetown University with degree in... in... drum roll... in... drum is still rolling... in, of course, Foreign Relations, and he is Korea's 2007 Nobel Prize winner for pushing Green Agenda and anthropogenic climate change theory because he is utterly "qualified" to pass the judgement on the methods of concocting stochastic models based on shitty data, also known as GIGO (Garbage In--Garbage Out). This dude spoke recently in Moscow (see his lecture here) on this climate thing and on the subject he is very, in fact disastrously, competent, as any dumbed down holder of degrees in various home economics and political "science" fields and he really went on an intellectual tour-de-force when proposed in this lecture that humanity needs "new science" which, in his view, should be driven by social sciences, because it is how he feels, you know, quoting him:"For me, they are the most important sciences." 
Well, obviously our Nobel winner doesn't understand the difference between real science and humanities and economic BS which is taught in the West as viable "educational" courses, but I pray for this man's good health and long years of life, because, God forbids, he will need a heart surgery or any other surgery, because he will need a Doctor of Medicine (a precise science, BTW, STEM really), not a doctor in Political Sciences, and he will need X-Ray, CT Scan, anesthesia and precision machine making technology, created by people with degrees in engineering, physics, chemistry, applied mathematics, software design and computer technologies and other NON-social sciences "educated" people who, actually,  together with labor force which extracts and processes raw materials at mines, manufacturing floors and assembly plants, are the main engines behind this simple fact that his chest cavity will be cut by a precision produced scalpel (or laser) not some barely honed stone, and he will not feel a thing instead of screaming in agony as had happened often even 100 years ago.  Same goes for this CNN dude who wouldn't know shit from shinola and will continue to parrot any kind of illiterate BS having circulation in the Western Goebbelsonean main-stream propaganda machine.     

Now to the point. West hates Russia and Russians for many reasons, but one of the major ones is because of Russia's real power. As with anything else, Russia's power rises then ebbs, but for the last 70 years Russians demonstrated several fields in human activity in which they are not just good, but damn good, in fact the best in history. Among few of those fields two stand out: space exploration and Arctic. If in space exploration even today there is a great deal of both competition and cooperation between the United States and Russia, the rest of the world remains still far behind (no, I don't mean this fraud and figure-head for NASA Elon Musk) these two; in Arctic, altogether, Russians simply have no rivals, period, not even close. And here we go back to CNN. Even this Ministry of Truth couldn't ignore this:

(CNN)Russia launched its space satellite Arktika-M on Sunday on a mission to monitor the climate and environment in the Arctic amid a push by the Kremlin to expand the country's activities in the region.The Arctic has warmed more than twice as fast as the global average over the last three decades and Moscow is seeking to develop the energy-rich region, investing in the Northern Sea Route for shipping across its long northern flank as ice melts.The satellite successfully reached its intended orbit after being launched from Kazakhstan's Baikonur cosmodrome by a Soyuz rocket, Dmitry Rogozin, the head of Russia's Roscosmos space agency, said in a post on Twitter.Russia plans to send up a second satellite in 2023 and, combined, the two will offer round-the-clock, all-weather monitoring of the Arctic Ocean and the surface of the Earth, Roscosmos said.

It is in this piece that CNN gives the link to the article about warming by introduced above Mr. Kann. But many may not understand a gigantic significance of this launch until one gets to talk to a Senior Designer of corporation Russian Space Systems which developed, launched and successfully operates Arktika-M, his name is Yuri Gektin (in Russian). This poor soul who designs cutting edge, in fact the most advanced, monitoring space systems in the world, obviously somehow missed on his "social sciences" thingy, concentrating instead on Physics and Engineering, and surely is barely qualified to speak on the issue of climate change because he lacks skills in "writing obituaries" and doesn't know how to "empower" people, he surely is not Nobel Prize winner for concocting a BS pseudo-scientific crap as this Korean dude, he surely is no Greta Thunberg. He just designs and builds, and operates satellites and their incredible scientific tools to monitor the actual climate change. This is where the problem for woke West is. 

Unlike climate "intellectuals", some of who I already described above, Russians know how mathematical models are created and they know that the data which goes into the Western "anthropogenic" climate change models is mostly BS. Plus, there is simply not enough of it and here is the wowser (in Russian) which IS NOT going to be delivered in the "free" West. 

In the issue #351 of Roskosmos popular broadcast of Space Environment, Yuri Gektin, starting at 8:30 mark, speaks in broadsides about stupidity of present "anthropogenic" models in a view of overwhelming data supporting Sun-driven climate change and a minuscule role humanity plays in this process. But also about Arktika-M (operational) and future satellites of this family providing a treasure trove of data which, as you might expect, is a clear and present danger to the whole "anthropogenic" climate change fraudulent pseudo-scientific Ponzi scheme in the West. This is all happening against the background of European imbeciles driving themselves into the energy insolvency and economic and cultural decline. Today, Russia is the only nation in the world (no, China is not it) with the economic, military and scientific wherewithal to stop this anti-scientific, degenerate and inhuman insanity being perpetuated by West's ignorant and illiterate elites. 

I know, it may sound too harsh, but let the actual science give answers and give competent forecasts, with totally corrupt Western STEM and a "science" of opinions by illiterate hacks with humanities degrees. It is about time somebody started to think about consequences, such as EU is facing now, and this is just the beginning. Gektin, especially through such a powerful platform as Roskosmos, is unequivocal about the necessity to provide new data which already is streaming and is being made available through the international network of hydro-meteorological information. You can sell obvious bullshit of anthropogenic climate change to Western public school students who are busy discovering new genders, rejecting their white privilege and reciting main postulates of Critical Race Theory, you cannot sell this shit in Russia to people who actually know the real science and how models are created. Russia has all the tools necessary to prove a complete corruption and cowardice of West's "science" which long ago lost any integrity and honor. Here is what modern Western "science" is busy with. That is why they hate Russia so much.

P.S. There is a lot of interesting Rogozin is presenting on Zevs in Dubai. Guess what? Right, environmental "scientists" are already screaming bloody murder because Zevs is nuclear-driven and they are concerned with space pollution. Do those cretins even know that the Sun, one of trillions of stars in our galaxy alone, is nothing more than one gigantic nuclear reactor. You cannot reason with a person who received degree in sociology from any Western university, they are know-it-all types because they are not educated. They are running the West today.   

Update: I will be pissed off severely if anyone will even think that this is in any way a schadenfreude on my part--it is not. In fact I wish with all my heart for guys a safe and healthy return. But it is what it is--space is a no fvcking joke and a PR stunt. It is dangerous and it starts--read my lips--with Life Support Systems which work. You don't have those, don't go there.

The next astronauts to return to Earth on a SpaceX Dragon won't be able use a crucial system on their trip home next month: the space potty. SpaceX's toilet on its Crew Dragon Endeavour will be off limits for the four Crew-2 mission astronauts once they leave the International Space Station in early November, NASA officials said late Friday (Oct. 29). That's because of a possible urine leak in the toilet like one seen on SpaceX's all-civilian Inspiration4 flight in September. SpaceX has since redesigned its toilet to avoid leaks on future flights.

Redesigned? Really? 

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