Tuesday, October 26, 2021

This Is Why Navies Exist.

Marines from Vice-Admiral Kulakov Large ASW Ship (read my lips--IT IS NOT a destroyer) dealt with pirates in the Gulf of Guinea and left some video from KA-27PS. Western media say that Russians "say that they drove pirates away" from the container-carrier Lucia. 20 Ukrainians, 1 Romanian  and 1 Russian constituting the crew were found in the vessel's innards and were OK. I wonder what language Ukrainians greeted Russians with, LOL. I know there were hugs. 

Vice-Admiral Kulakov has been in the ocean for 4 month now, and I am sure whoever those pirates were, they didn't want to face really pissed off Russian marines, who, at this stage, want to be home and wouldn't mind shooting a couple of jerks for the sake of stress-relief. I kid, I kid--Russians are not blood-thirsty monsters, they will just blow your kneecaps off, but you'll live. 

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