Saturday, October 16, 2021

Let's Go, Brandon.

I guess many of you already saw it, and Tucker here is in a top form. 

It shows the depth of lie and cretinism US media fell to. It is down right from the North Korea's media. It also shows what human and professional failures most US media are--mindless propagandists, pathetic uneducated pawns with egos larger than cathedrals. 

Hadley Gamble IS an attractive woman, but that is not enough for one to be well-versed in the realities of our world. As Megyn Kelly once learned, together with other Western "journalists" of the opposite gender--Putin is competent, unlike the Western politicos these media personalities are used to dealing with.  Do not forget to turn on captions.

It is almost a routine now, some Western journo gets to a big important Russian event and tries to interview Putin, forgetting, of course, that he is the President of a superpower and the guy whose single word can change the dynamics of global economy by means of arresting speculation on the energy market and not allow gas prices to skyrocket to $3000 per 1000 cubic meters. He is also a former (not really former) professional intelligence officer. In other words, Putin is not Joe Biden or Macron. Each time those Western journo ignoramuses get served when trying to use their primitive tricks they come back with the same tired routine. They do not have human integrity and self-respect, and they just don't learn--they can't, modern world is too complex and technologically advanced for them to have even a tenuous grasp on it. Let's go, Brandon.

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