Monday, October 4, 2021

Now Submerged.

Thanks to Nikolay Petrov who pointed this out. In Russian there is an expression кучно пошло (it went closely-grouped, or heap) and Severodvinsk in one go, evidently, launched 3M22 Zircon while submerged.  The missile performed as is expected and hit the target.

But believe me, even this will not convince Western "experts" that Zircon is being deployed now, we all know that Western "experts" know it better than Russians themselves. They cannot forecast shit but they still know better. The interesting thing will be when not just Gorshkov-class frigates will begin to deploy (if not already) 3M22 but when project 949A (Oscar-II) SSGN Irkutsk will finish her modernization to pr. 949AM and will carry said Zircons, apart from P-800 and Kalibrs. These subs will be able to carry up to 72 missiles in containers and who knows what and how many on the shelves for torpedo tubes. Irkutsk is going to Pacific Fleet which is being strengthened constantly and appearance of new Yasens with pr. 949AMs and other Zircon carriers (such as pr. 20385 corvettes) and  combined with air assets such as MiG-31K armed with Kinzhals and TU-22M3M getting them Russia solves the problem of making her Pacific approaches stretching deep into the ocean zone a completely forbidden zone for any surface force. 

In related news. The news of the first pipe of Nord Stream 2 being filled with gas eased prices for gas in Europe but it is still "controversial". Denmark, evidently, decided to give permission (finally) and Ted Cruz--a loser from Texas with a permanent butt-hurt from public not appreciating his narcissistic nature and not electing him POTUS--is basically sabotaging already pretty much dead American diplomacy because of that. 

What a teenage loser. But then again, don't expect any class from the American politicos. But in general, they are worthy of each-other in Congress. Reaching for a bag of pop-corn...

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