Friday, October 22, 2021

Laurent Brought It Up...

 ...and still continues to worry about yet another NATO"s (read: Pentagon) "concept". I write about this non-stop, year after year. Here is one of the relatively recent ones, which explains that the ONLY danger of the combined West today is its weakness, not strength and that creates the possibility of miscalculation. We are talking about this:

Top defense chiefs from NATO member states have given a green light to a new grand strategy on how to beat Russia in any potential all-out conflict, as Moscow says the move proves the US-led bloc isn’t open to improving relations. On Thursday, ministers met in Brussels to sign off the scheme, named the “Concept for Deterrence and Defense in the Euro-Atlantic Area.”According to NATO’s General Secretary, Jens Stoltenberg, it is part of efforts to “continue to strengthen our alliance with better and modernized plans.”The bloc’s officials insist they don’t believe an attack is imminent, but that it is worthwhile being prepared in any case.As part of the plan, NATO troops would fight against Russia’s forces in both the Baltic Region and across the Black Sea.

This latest NATO's "master plan" is neither "master" nor "plan". It is just same ol' regurgitation of contingency planning which has its roots in the Cold War 1.0 and it is primarily a PR, same PR as yesterday announcement about "successful testing of components for a prototype" of some hyper-sonic weapon which we will see, most likely, not soon (politely speaking). Now to points:

1. NATO knows that it cannot fight Russia with or without master plan because Russia is not going to attack unless attacked first (a wet dream of Pentagon planners, who think that stupid Europeans should do the dying for the US benefit). 

2. If NATO attacks Russia first, for a warmup US Navy will feel the brunt, by losing a couple of large combatants, together with the US installations in Europe which implies that US will begin to sustain casualties. If that doesn't sober NATO, then, yes, US proper will feel the pinch and escalation will continue until the message is either received and Washington de-escalates, or we all are going to die, but the US and Europe will be wiped off the map. Those who will survive will envy those who died. Pentagon knows it. At least some of them do. It is both strategic and operational reality that when all your figures on the chessboard are pawns when your opponent commands a full set--you are going to lose no matter how you try to rearrange your pawns.

3. Now, most important: people continue to forget what NATO just experienced in the short time-span of a few years.

a) Iran has demonstrated what it feels to be on the receiving end of the delayed, with warning provided, strike by several intermediate range conventional missiles and we may never know the actual number of NATO soldiers who sustained severe concussions, but many people understood, like this US Army Major Johnson what was about to transpire:

There were some reports of other (non-US) NATO troops on the base crying and mind you--they had a lot of time to take cover. That was just Iran. 

b) NATO had its ass handed to it by Taliban and visuals from Kabul now  eclipsed famous shots from Saigon, by the order of magnitude. 

4. In other words, NATO is in its existential crisis. What are you going to do when you are humiliated time after time, after time? Right, in terms of combined West (and considering its ignorant political class)--you become combative verbally and in a petty physical way such as sending one of a few remaining operational Royal Navy ships to "impress" Russians. Or sending US Navy destroyer to "demonstrate" that they are there. They are. Everybody knows that and the targeting is provided without any interruption for Russia's forces. So, what else could be done? Ah, lets create a new "master plan" in which we will demonstrate publicly that we are not afraid of those Russians and are ready to fight them IF they come, which is, of course, out of the question if NATO doesn't attack Russia or doesn't cross red lines. Simple as that. It is all PR for the consumption of the primarily brainwashed Western public and it is a knee jerk reaction to Russia kicking those NATO "representatives" out of Moscow. 

Repeat after me: those imbeciles in both Brussels and D.C. still think that they are absolutely irresistible to anyone in the world because they are both attractive and powerful--neither is true. Most of them will shit their pants once they learn that X-101s (God forbids, X-102s) and Kalibrs are in the air but it will be too late to come to their senses. Plus, those losers are offended by the fact that they are being called for what they are. They know that everything is falling out of their hands, some of them even know the scale of catastrophe which unfolds this very moment and they know that it is Russia which stands in their way to unleash a global hot war, which, they thought before, they could survive while resetting moribund economic system. They can not. Those who will decide to unleash this war will be annihilated immediately (striking decision-making centers), those who will survive will be hunted down and brought to face war crimes tribunal.  Simple as that and that is why so much noise. They are cornered and the main task today is to avoid serious military confrontation by controlling West's panic, knee-jerk reactions and combative attitudes combined with narcissism--all traits of a mental disorder. I am sure the next thing they will do--they will present a master-plan on how to invade Mars and make those goddamn democracy-hating martian sons of bitches pay for what they have done to the West.  

Greanville Post decided to re-post my more than three years old piece about Russia. Here it is, I suggest you read it again:

Russia As a Cat. Moscow shows that nerves of steel and prudence may eventually win the day.

This is the only way or, as Teddy Roosevelt used to say: to speak softly and carry a big stick. That is why this blog exists--to explain how big is Russia's "stick". Believe me--it is big, big enough to prevent the all out war, so, give British a credit where credit is due. 

Good advice.

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