Friday, July 23, 2021

They Just Can't Get A Break.

Syria's Air Defense is just doing its job. 

All four missiles fired by Israeli warplanes at Syria’s Homs province early on Thursday were shot down by the Syrian Army using Russian-made ‘Buk’ air defense systems, the Russian military has revealed. Two Israeli F-16 jets fired the guided missiles from Lebanese airspace, around 01:11 local time on Thursday.“All four missiles were destroyed by on-duty Syrian air defense units, using Russian-made Buk-M2E systems,” the Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria said in a statement.

Syrians are getting really good at it.  It is easier to do when you have Buk-M2E, which is a fairly new (mid-2000s) technology. By now, Buks saw so much combat use, that they merely add to the already high demand for Russian air-defense systems on the international market.

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