Friday, July 23, 2021

Friday: The Shaggs Were Huge Influence...

On Kurt Cobain. I kid you not. So, you know now where this whole grunge thing came from:

The Shaggs were definitely pioneers in making independence from talent a very cool thing and gaining a cult status, which, I think, translates well into the affordability of hot dogs in COSTCO. Of course only the Legendary Stardust Cowboy could compete with Shaggs' musical profundity (I am screwing with you) and his drummer sounds very much like me in my school 9th grade band named Sour Cream (why, it is a separate story) and it is an amazing piece of music. 
Yet, I think that the greatest music of them all in its raw enjoyment of own inability to play and hold the time and pitch is still this:
The best praise to this amazing performance is the comment which says that:
Does anyone know how to contact this band? I want to book them for my ex-girlfiend's wedding.
I am absolutely not surprised with the fact that Frank Zappa got interested in Shaggs. Poor Frank, should he be alive today, boy, what kind of music would he be writing, one can only dream about. Yet, as it turned out, Dave was the real deal from Nirvana and, as my hypothesis goes, the better you become as a musician the more you go back to real roots of great pop and rock music. Foo Fighters, certainly, outgrew the cheekiness of grunge and are doing what I never thought I would ever see--playing great pop-music. But Dee Gees is a thing we all needed. 
The thing Dave and Foos do is life-affirming and is absolutely amazing, because the guys know what good music is and I praise them for that. 

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