Friday, July 2, 2021

I Totally Get It...

Why Aussies would love Altai. Some of the shots, especially on the new highway, I couldn't have found a difference between those and my drives on mountain roads in Western Washington or Oregon. There is also an uncanny similarity between some places in Altai and Wyoming. Joash also explains the issue of fresh water when compares Altai (or most of Russia, for that matter) with Australia and their creek at their farm there.

So, Russia's favorite Aussies are really shopping for a farm and it seems that they are on their way to a Green Card and citizenship and realization of their dream. But that is not the whole story. 

A number of American and Canadian families (75 people in all) contacted RT with request for help recently in obtaining Russian citizenship. RT already made a wonderful pitch (in Russian). 

«Хотим жить в стране, поддерживающей традиционные ценности»: семьи из США и Канады попросили российское гражданство

Translation: "We want to live in the country which supports traditional values": families from the US and Canada asked for Russian citizenship. 

Father Joseph Gleason, I once told about him, is one of those who helps American and Canadians to get in. He and his family of 10 are also a great gift to Russia.

So, as I said few years ago--this is just a start. Russia is NOT a paradise, Russia has corruption, she has bureaucracy, she has many other things to consider, but what Russia IS, she is an arc for normal people--of all races and faiths--but for European Christian root, Russia is a place to find peace. Plus, Russia is doing not bad economically, wink, wink. Large Russian cities? They will give a run for the money to anything in the West. Moscow and St.Petersburg? Best cities in the world, period. Stunning, clean, modern, safe and culture which overwhelms in the most positive way. So, here it is. Life goes on. 

P.S. One day you will have Aussies playing hockey.

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