Friday, July 30, 2021

A Whiff Of Sadness. Friday.

I never was INTO the ZZ Top, per se, but I liked some of their songs. What ZZ Top always were for sure--they were always over the top and you knew from the first sounds that it was them, they always were absolutely unique. In the rock-world dominated at some point of time by British rock, you wouldn't need to be told that ZZ Top IS an American band, they were a consummate American band. In fact, anyone could guess that they were also a band from Texas.  One of ZZ Top's legendary three, their bass-guitar and voice, Dusty Hill passed away few days ago at the age of 71. RIP Dusty. 

But I don't want it to be a downer, so, to mark Friday, what can be better than the latest from Iron Maiden. Ah, damn--it is a philosophical downer again)))
Irons are again at the top of their game. And they still warn about the coming of a brave new world. Maiden is more than a band, they are a cultural institution. Yes, we can see the writing on the wall.

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