Friday, July 2, 2021

Let's Do Friday...Or I Love These Girls...

I learned about them about a month ago and while the combined West listens to a lot of crap, some of which is also called metal for some unknown reason, who would ever thought that Japanese ladies will keep the real power and speed metal not only alive but, holy shit, musically they are getting on a completely new level which even the DragonForce couldn't do because feminine beauty and incredible musicianship is a powerful mix. I am lovebitten by the Lovebites. 

This is what real metal (not its shitty iterations played by musically impotent losers) and real rock music are supposed to be.
A wall of virtuosity and songs you can actually remember. Did you see any tattoos on any of the girls? Right. If you think that these girls are only for videoclips? They will blow off the stage 95% of the so called "rock-band" who were and are popular in the last 20 years in the US. 
What Midori and Myako do on guitars and what Miho and Haruna do in the rhythm-section, not to speak of Asami's singing--this so exquisite, so top of the top shelf that it is difficult to describe.

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