Sunday, July 18, 2021

Instead of Friday.

Rick Beato is fighting a losing battle here. Albeit I support his fight wholeheartedly. Sadly, Rick never saw the Soviet movie Kin-Dza-Dza which foresaw a complete degeneration of culture and arts. This was 20 years before Mike Judge's genius portrayal of Western society in his Idiocracy. Here is how the future "art", namely super hi-end music sounded in Kinz-Dza-Dza. The song is a primitive urban folklore of early 20th century, aggravated deliberately in Kin-Dza-Dza by horrendously amateur fiddle and brutal vocalizing (read about the movie) and visit YouTube to see this clip. 

Now, Rick in a 30-minutes video explains that the modern pop-music is not even a music, which it is not, but a collection of few notes, and is primitive in the Kin-Dza-Dza style, which is a sign of a complete imbecilization of the society, especially its youth, which is subjected to relentless dumbing down every day. Here is Rick, I suggest you watch the whole video. 

All this is not accidental, the final goal IS Idiocracy and, eventually, movies with bare ass being shown to public for two hours getting Oscar, while "music" consisting of two notes, or maybe one, dominates all media. It is a degenerate art and modern music is an Exhibit A of a complete loss of mental functions by modern youth, which is incapable of processing more or less complex information, be that music, words, images, let alone mathematical or physics concepts. This is Meat Generation, which has no future but virtual and actual slavery and slaves do not need cultural nourishment, their fate is to be consumers and toilers, and live as Robert Duvall did in THX1138.  

How did we get here? Simple, profit and cutting costs. Two primitive notes are easier to produce than 100 talented ones--just bottom line. It was already confirmed by Spanish researches that modern pop-music is devolving primarily in noise. Now people are trying to raise their voices on that. Let's start from the start--for mob, talent is not an issue, that is why most modern-day large pop-stars are talentless hacks. Real music survives elsewhere, not on the streets of modern West. It used to be different. Do you remember, then this was pop-music. It was music, and a great one at that, first, pop-second. And it touched billions and still does.

Today we still can travel to sanctuaries of a truly great music and musicianship which stuns, like this Russian fusion outlet of virtuosos led by insanely incredible Valery Stepanov. Enjoy, while you still can. Cultural Khmer Rouge are coming and they love their two note songs.
I just had to post this.

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