Monday, August 2, 2021


I don't follow Olympics, which have been, at the insistence and machinations of the combined West, completely discredited, but this, boy, just read the comments from Americans under this video. 

Rumor has it, that Churchill once said about Field-Marshal Montgomery that Monty was 'Indomitable in retreat, invincible in advance, insufferable in victory.' I am not going to discuss the veracity of this Churchill's quote--it seems very accurate re: Monty--but if there are people who could have been worse than insufferable in victory, that would have been US Women's Soccer National Team, and its uber woke flaming Social Justice Warrior, and mediocre player, Megan Rapinoe. Should this knee-bending, third-wave feminism obsessed squad have won, we all wouldn't hear the end of it, despite the fact that their level of play and physical ability is that of a junior semi-amateur 15-year old boys soccer team. This is what I am talking about:

In preparation for two upcoming friendlies against Russia, the U.S. women’s national team played the FC Dallas U-15 boys academy team on Sunday and fell 5-2, according to FC Dallas’ official website.

That is why, frankly, Men's World Cup in soccer is the greatest most watched event in planet's sports' life and it dwarfs Olympics, NBA, NFL and other events by the order magnitude. But still: Thank you, Canada for defeating them and sparing us from listening their insufferable, obnoxious and arrogant self-praise. Yet, there was an American soccer team which not only was good, damn good but it literally made a world fall in love with it because they juts out of nowhere came out to show an amazingly beautiful and mature game and if not for the atrocity committed against them by the referee in the game against Germany, where US National Team dominated Germans, we could have seen the first ever North American team playing in WC finals. I remember Russian sports media applauding and admiring that team and its style (in Russian). It was difficult not to. An amazing counter-attacking machine, which could go to finals. In fact, they belonged there.

I remember those guys, like it was yesterday. They really made America proud and they, not Germany, should have played co-hosts, South Korea, in semi-finals. But it was one of the most blatant non-calls in the history of the sport which stopped these guys. Should they have equalized from penalty, they would have won Germany which was on its last legs, trying to beat back waves of the American attacks. This is HOW you win hearts and minds, not parading own woke self-righteousness and bending knees. Rapinoe and squad better watch videos of the US National Team at the World Cup in 2002--there is a huge lesson there.  This is how you make half of the world root for you, not against you, they call it a Beautiful Game for a reason. That is how American boys did it in 2002, they played beautifully and honorably, and made people fall in love with their game.

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