Tuesday, August 10, 2021

How To Destroy A Country.

For starters, many, me included, warned about it. Now it is being implemented on a state-wide level. 

There will be nobody to repel this insanity, because:

Firstly, population of the West Coast cities, where main voting power resides, are suffering from different kinds of mental abnormalities en masse and many of them, especially all those humanities "educated" do-gooders, have no a fucking clue about how real world operates outside their office spaces and coffee shops. Secondly, when allegedly "modern" country passes such legislation it is yet another sign of a severe regress, which is funny, since these destructive bills originate and are passed by a so called "progressive" community. There is nothing progressive about them and it seems that the United States is being rushed towards the abyss deliberately and it only accelerates. In normal country such a legislation would be considered a real threat to national security and counter-intel and investigative journalists would be all over the story and people who do this to the country. Not in the United States. The writing is on the wall, patients are in charge of the asylum. 

Don't count on GOP, they will sell everyone out as they usually do. The United States needs a REAL conservative party, and what is real conservatism in the 21st century is yet to be properly defined. Most of the American so called contemporary "conservative" thought is regurgitation of the same pseudo-scholastic BS, which allowed GOP to be infested with Neo-cons, Christian Zionists and Bible thumping "right wing" fanatics. Is the United States doomed? It is, certainly in the form it used to exist prior to the collapse of the USSR. As our very own (and brilliant) Vietnamese friend Tuan Doan succinctly put it:

That is the engineering approach I like. Can you explain this to a Queer Studies or Political "Science" majors? They just never learned, and now they will forget even basics. Idiocracy IS upon us.  

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