Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Question To My Readers.

Just probing. What would you, guys, think, if at some point of time I will open a video-hosting on Patreon or  some other similar hosting and will start (for a symbolic price--say $2-3 a month) video-programming in which I will make you suffer from my Runglish when I will be speaking more in depth about, and not only, what I write in this blog which remains and will remain free and without any changes. What do you think? I merely study this issue. I have some ideas about this project and its feasibility. What do you think. I underscore--this blog remains as it is. But it is easier sometimes for me to use a whiteboard in explaining things, such as tactics, operations and geopolitics.  

UPDATE: Guys, thank you for your feedback. I noted one important concern from people that my idea (it is just an idea) of payed web-cast could diminish my writing. How about we address it this way--I will start doing free videos (YouTube-based) but I will put a "Donate" button (I don't know how to do it, I need to research it) and those who are not struggling financially can make donations. I will need good mic and camera anyway, and I may need to buy video-editing software too. This way anyone will have access but I will also have some remuneration for additional effort?   

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