Saturday, October 31, 2020

1000 Kilometers For Zircon.

As TASS reports (in Russian), upcoming next launch of 3M22 Zircon from Admiral Gorshkov will be from the distance of 1,000 kilometers and the missile will hit a target imitating enemy's ship. This is one of the remaining three launches this year and I anticipate submarine launches to start soon, if not already this year. Unlike most "liberal" (in reality radically anti-Russian) media outlets such as RBC, Kommersant etc. TASS and Ria have real contacts and sources in Russia's Defense Ministry and provide a tribune for actual Russian military experts who have a grasp of the issue on a fundamental level. Such as the issue of targeting. Last launch of Zircon from the distance of 450 kilometers also hit the target imitating enemy's surface ship. So, launching at the maximum announced (we don't know the real range, could be way in excess of 1,000 kilometers) range is a natural progression of tests. 

Also worth noting was yet another launch few days ago of officially titled "new anti-missile" missile, which, we all assume to be A-235 Nudol and this one also was spectacular and on the trajectory which tells a story of Russia being ready to face any perspective hypersonic threat from the West. 

Like the one national security adviser O'Brien issued to Russia few days ago with non-existent US hypersonic weapons. Truth is, we do not even know exactly what is being demonstrated but Russian MoD does this on purpose to keep real professionals on the "other" side aware of what they are facing. I can assure you all, they get the message. Recall, Revelation Mode--it will continue.

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