Friday, October 23, 2020

Ah, Karma Is Such A Bitch.

When I write about the end of the West I mean it--this is not some figure of speech or embellishment for the sake of selling my books or attract attention to my persona--I am not that kind of guy, I don't even have Facebook or Twitter accounts, as an example. I express my opinions, some of them wrong, but I live with them. So, allow me to remind you this--Chechen "rebels" and "freedom fighters" taking hostage a maternity ward in Budennovsk in 1995.

These are the people who even today remain heroes for Western media-sphere, most of it anyway, and vast swaths of politicians. Some called them "heroes", including when those "freedom fighters" were slaughtering innocent children in Beslan, that is until Boston got its share (just a little bit, nothing really compared to America's and West's in general "heroes" unleashing on innocent civilians elsewhere) of Chechen "freedom-fighting" and "rebelliousness". 

These terrorists were hailed in all corners of the Western world as valiant promoters of true values while fighting those vile and nasty Russkies and, majority of those who hailed them in the West, would gloat and hail exploits of these "freedom fighters"--the more Russian and other nationalities of Russia civilians, children, women were killed, the better it was for the West. Those "heroes" would be given refugee status all over the West, despite Russians telling this very West, such as was the case with Tsarnaev brothers, that the West does not know what it does. Russians' were either accused of brutality or dismissed, such as CIA did when was informed by FSB that shit is about to hit the fan, as it did at Boston Marathon. And, of course, there is always France which knows better than anyone how to handle her own law and order. France imported many Chechens and, as usual, French closed the eyes on all kinds of mischief those poor "refugees" were doing, until one such offspring of Chechen "rebel" decapitated a French teacher. Oh come on! Nothing wrong with this--these are people France wanted to show those uncultured and brutal Russian freedom-suppressors. 

French government is stupid, it doesn't understand the value of cultural enrichment and moral satisfaction from sharing own country with people who despise it and want only welfare and white French pussy from it. So, in a typical French manner, French are doing a very-very French thing. Are you sitting, guys? You better sit.

ПАРИЖ, 20 окт - РИА Новости. Глава МВД Франции Жеральд Дарманен заявил, что хочет посетить Россию в конце этой недели и провести переговоры с российским коллегой. "Сегодня я сделал запрос от имени президента посетить на этих выходных Россию, чтобы провести переговоры с моим коллегой... Я сделал это предложение и надеюсь, что у меня будет возможность поехать в Россию в воскресенье и понедельник ", - сказал Дарманен в эфире телеканала BFMTV. Он отметил, что рассчитывает обсудить вопрос возможного возвращения радикализированных лиц - выходцев из России.

Translation: Paris, 20 October--RIA Novosti. The head of France's Ministry of the Internal Affairs Gerald Darmanin declared, that he wants to visit Russia at the end of this week and hold negotiations with Russia's colleague. "Today I applied, on behalf of President (of France) to visit Russia this weekend to negotiate with my colleague... I applied and hope that I will get this opportunity to go to Russia this weekend or Monday"--Dermanin declared live at BFMTV channel  broadcast. He noted, that his intention is to discuss the issue of the possible return (to Russia) of the radicalized persons with origins in Russia. 

The sound and an impact of a collective Russian jaw dropping to the floor was so loud that it created an earthquake near Alaska and lead to issuing of a Tsunami warning. Obviosly, the Minister of the Internal Affairs of Russia Vladimir Kolokoltsev will have to find a way to translate this phrase 'Go Fuck Yourself, France' into something more polite and for that he may ask Lavrov for help. But for people who still think that the West is not done--this is one of the greatest examples of a complete emasculation an wussification (most of them were cowards from the inception anyway) of the Western elites. When cowardice and arrogance, amplified by the French propensity to think about themselves as superior to everyone--you get this. No, France--you made this bed for yourself, now sleep in it, and if your police force and intelligence apparatus are a joke--this is your, French problem, not Russia's. You wanted those people in your country, despite the fact that Russia was warning non-stop that among those "refugees" were huge numbers of terrorists, many of them having blood on their hands not only of Russian Armed Forces servicemen, but children women, old people. So, France, go fuck yourself and deal with them on your own. You wanted them, you got them. And yes, karma is a bitch. Albeit, I would love to see few of those "freedom fighters" to be returned directly under Ramzan's "supervision"--I am sure he and his people have a lot of questions to ask those "freedom-fighters". But, France--deal with it. These are your "heroes", not Russia's.

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