Tuesday, October 13, 2020

I Still Don't Understand...

Why Russians don't rise up and overthrow this tyrant Putin and his government which is like, I don't know, bunch of baddies and nasties. They don't even understand how to run Russia, they literally force Russians to earn money, buy cars, TV sets, go to universities and colleges to study those totalitarian maths and sciencing. Russian cities are horrifying, especially since number of parks and nice totalitarian roads and highways have been growing insulting Russian (and international community) intelligence. Not only nasty Russians continue to build those Stalinist nuclear power station and continue to poison space with their satellites and space ships, they now... what?

Seoul - South Korea ranked second to China in terms of shipbuilding orders for the second straight month, industry data showed Wednesday. Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co. and others won orders totaling 230,000 compensated gross tons (CGTs) to build eight ships in April, trailing far behind Chinese shipbuilders that bagged 730,000 CGTs in orders to build 38 vessels, according to London-based Clarkson Research Services, the world’s leading provider of data for the shipping and shipbuilding industries. Russia was the No. 3 player after its shipbuilders secured 65,000 CGTs in orders to build seven vessels last month, followed by Japan with 55,000 CGTs in orders for two vessels. China has been the dominant force for new shipbuilding orders this year, taking up 61% of shipbuilding orders placed around the globe in the first four months of the year. South Korea was the runner-up with 17%

Obviously, this is a seasonal data and China and South Korea remain overwhelmingly dominant in commercial shipbuilding, but do not forget, orders for Zvezda shipyard alone only grow and Zvezda builds not some recreational yachts, but massive ships. Get this:

What do ya know, Russia is beating Japan, a traditional power-house of commercial shipbuilding, at... commercial shipbuilding. Ah, yes, that gas-station masquerading as a country. Boy, I wish late John was still alive to observe this. This is, of course, not to mention a shitload of large fishing vessels Russia builds and then, of course, this specialty shipbuilding which only Russia can do. You know, those monstrous nuclear (and non-nuclear) ice-breakers. Arktika, one of four nuclear ice-breakers, just arrived to Murmansk, her home port, from visiting North Pole and having no problems with demolishing all this non-existent and disappearing ice. Here is the video in Russian. You know, Putin's propaganda. 

All that was done at Mosfilm studios and Arktika doesn't exist in reality. Come to think about it--Russia herself doesn't exist, she is all but a mirage, a figment of imagination of the combined West, where across snowy steppes Russian muzhiks with their babas ride their horse-driven troika carriages and drink vodka and sing songs under the accompaniment of a garmoshka. But jokes aside, Russia hitting top 3 in shipbuilding only underscores the processes of a massive scale which take place in Russia now. But I am sure Western scholars will find a way to create yet another rating which shows that Latvia has a larger economy than Russia and that Lomonosov Moscow State University is a backwater compared to Harvard. Indeed, those morons do not even have a football team. What kind of a backward shithole of a country is that, which has no NCAA. Indeed.

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