Saturday, October 10, 2020

I Am Lying, Therefore I Am Living(c).

US' MO, ranging from government to media, is lying . Here is yet another, latest, example. 

Russians like, WTF, dude...

Translation: Indeed, there is practically no reason for optimism. Our Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov continues his contacts with Americans. We would like to see the effectiveness of these contacts to be higher, considerably higher. There is a big potential (reserves) here.  

Ryabkov himself stated that he doesn't know: "based on what does American side make statements on soon to be achieved agreement on arms control?"  Lie, it seems, permeates whole American political, cultural, media, scientific, economic, foreign policy discourse. American politicians, journalists, "scientists", analysts, diplomats, military lie non-stop, about everything, under any circumstances. They lie, only to have their their lies debunked immediately, to their faces, but they continue to lie, looking into the eyes of people who know absolutely that they are being lied to. There is nothing real left in America anymore, everything is an illusion, a pretense of a functioning society, economy, political establishment. And everybody lies, including "scientists" (as was demonstrated in my post yesterday). It is bizarre, it is worse than in USSR, it begins to approach levels of brainwashing of Maoist China or North Korea. 

I said it many times, I will repeat again, Russia IS NOT negotiating those "ineffective", "improbable", "non-existent" weapon systems which the United States desperately tries to get its hands on. Russia (USSR) trusted the West in late 1980s only to be lied to and cheated. Russians are good students. The United States is non-agreement capable, Marshal Billingslea is laughed at in Russia as if being a clown (clown craft requires better skills than those of US "diplomats"). The next step, after October 18, a formal expiration of UN arms embargo on Iran:

In an interview with Iran’s Resalat newspaper on Sunday, Russia’s ambassador to the country, Levan Jagarian, affirmed that he would have “no problem” selling the air defense systems as soon as the United Nations arms embargo on Iran expires Oct. 18.   

It seems the decision has been made in Kremlin, since Jagarian's statement is merely a corroboration of what Lavrov stated earlier this week that once arms embargo expires on 18th, well, it will not be just S-400. Of course, SU-30SM(2) are on the shopping list as well as such items as russified SSJ-100 New, and other items which Iran desperately needs. As I already stated, Russia doesn't give a flying fvck anymore about West's "sanctions", as I said earlier, look at how Russia decouples from Europe. There is very little to discuss with combined West. You simply do not talk to BSers and, yes, nobody really gives a shit what Israel thinks. She was given a "good deal" by Russia, but, as I always say--Russia is not there to save people from themselves. Israel put her bets on the US, helped to corrupt and subvert American political discourse and modified US foreign policy from being simply bad into one unmitigated disaster, so, she kind of had it coming for Tel-Aviv, or Jerusalem or what have you. Let them enjoy. As for American politicians and diplomats, as good ol' saying goes: you see their lips (or Twitter) moving, this is how you know they are lying. Rephrasing famous Descartes' dictum: I am lying, therefore I am living.

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