Friday, May 8, 2020

It Is Friday Before 9th.

Rosatom (yes the largest nuclear energy corporation in the world) couple of years ago started the incredible project of people who are employees of Russia's nuclear energy expressing themselves musically, singing the songs which really matter. Later real music stars joined. Today they sang the most important one of them all. Dark Is The Night.  

Dark night, only bullets are whistling in the steppe,
Only the wind is wailing through the telephone wires, stars are faintly flickering ...
In the dark night, my love, I know you are not sleeping,
And, near a child's crib, you secretly wipe away a tear.

How I love the depths of your gentle eyes,
How I long to press my lips to them!
This dark night separates us, my love,
And the dark, troubled steppe has come to lie between us.

I have faith in you, in you, my sweetheart.
That faith has shielded me from bullets in this dark night ...
I am glad, I am calm in deadly battle:
I know you will meet me with love, no matter what happens.

Death is not terrible, we've met with it more than once in the steppe ...
And here it looms over me once again,
You await my return, sitting sleepless near a cradle,
And so I know that nothing will happen to me!  

This one, however, was universal. 
Original--Coming In On A Wing And A Prayer:

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