Wednesday, May 13, 2020

I Am So Heartbroken... Not.

Aw, poor-poor talented baby Pavel Durov, he is so hurt by this injustice, that it almost broke my heart. Not really.  Get this:
Telegram has been forced to abandon its cryptocurrency initiative, with its founder Pavel Durov blasting the US for seeking to crush any attempt at decentralization in order to maintain its global financial dominance.Telegram founder and St. Petersburg native Pavel Durov announced the move in a post to his own Telegram channel on Tuesday, stating the crypto project – the Telegram Open Network (TON) and its currency, known as “Grams” – would have to be shut down.“Unfortunately, a US court stopped TON from happening,” Durov said, adding that the court ruled “people should not be allowed to buy or sell Grams like they can buy or sell Bitcoins.”
I had recently an exchange about programmers with one of our very own software engineer here. I want to repeat my point to him, now to everyone who read this--I do not disrespect programmers. Without programmers our life as we know it would stop, but being even a top notch software engineer, or top notch aerospace engineer or, for that matter, even the head of a giant corporation having several degrees in everything ranging from electronics to economics, is, in itself, by no means a guarantee from being an ass-hole or even dumb as fvck. I personally knew some Ph.Ds with STEM and humanities degrees, who, while being reasonably good at their work, were complete morons, that is why I KNEW them, not anymore. So, moans and appeals to public by some creep who is into the business of "managing" people who write a code for social networks--one of the most important markers and arenas for exhibiting a mental breakdown of the global society--do not impress me at all, not to mention the fact, and here it comes, that, and I said it many times, the issue of the social networks is not an issue of programming or software engineering in its highest forms. It is the issue of publicity and the level of exhibitionism people ready to reach. Remove Durov and VK (his brainchild), nobody will notice, because there are hundreds if not thousands like him standing in the wings ready to take his place and offer something even "better" than VK, or Facebook, for this matter. 

The guy is, obviously, of a very narcissist nature (I guess running a social network can do this to one) and, frankly, in my book is a typical Russian liberda. Here are some snippets which give an impression about this creep. As is expected from this type of people, he wrote a manifesto in which he proposed how "to save Russia".
Two of Durov's ideas from the manifesto include abolishing Russia's national currency and allowing foreign interests to purchase state land, reports Business Insider.
Well, I guess you get the idea who this guy is, as he describes himself as a libertarian (red flag immediately), a euphemism for globalist shill and, pardon me, lack of real economic and history education.  I also need to make a disclaimer here that when people such as Durov (or Gates, or Zuck) speak about "technology" they do not speak about REAL technology, they speak about computers and software only because for them the rest of the productive, scientific and military technological reality is beyond their grasp. Come on, can you imagine Bill Gates (who never completed any serious STEM program) or Durov, who has a degree in... philology, to understand issues of systems' integration in aircraft, space ships or weapon systems, or can you imagine them sitting solving differential equations or creating models, let alone designing a commercial aircrfat? They hire people who can do that, that is for sure, while they strategize, conceptualize....
In the end, it takes such a great effort for these dudes, such as Durov, to find some creepy PR cause to throw their weight behind or to decide what kind of act of mental masturbation they will perform to keep themselves in the news and on the market of mostly useless services. Wait, bang!! Let's invent currency. And here, let me become Devil's Advocate. Let's imagine that there is a some fairly higher-up in US governmental hierarchy and that, unlike Durov, he (she) has, say a serious degree in Computer Science, has completed economics study and has connections to some actual intelligence and military sources in the US. Imagine that such a person also has some good practice in actual geopolitics across the globe and has a good idea what really moves this world. This person knows that US livelihood depends on the petrodollar and USD in general being a world's reserve currency. Let's say this person is a realist. And let's say this person, who is a higher-up, is not 35 years old as Durov but in his very late 50s and early 60s and had a fairly eventful life. So, now imagine, that this person learns about some "Russian" crum who thinks that he is a big shot and decides to introduce yet another scam such as Bitcoin but this time on his social platform. Wow! How original. So, after this person laughs for 20 minutes, especially at Durov's faith:
“Today, we are in a vicious circle: you can’t bring more balance to an overly centralized world exactly because it’s so centralized. We did try though,” Durov said, adding that Washington controls the “global financial system” and can coerce ubiquitous tech giants like Google and Apple to serve its agenda.
No, this is really LOL. He merely picks up the phone (or e-mails) the American STATE, government, that is, appropriate brunch, and tells them that some mama's boy decided to do what is a decision level of people such as presidents, prime ministers and secretary generals. So, this person in US simply initiates the movement of the gears of the government--the government of still, however declining, superpower. So those gears do the job they are suppose to do--prevent any stupid ideas from materializing. And I have a question for Durov:"Boy, do you even have a grasp of the scale and forces involved in this geopolitical game, to pretend that your pseudo-intellectual (in reality ignorant) manifestos and attempts to "decentralize" are a first sign of you being totally ignorant of the outside world and its complexity?" Because one needs to be a complete dumbfvck to believe what Durov believes. Obviously, Durov doesn't understand the reality in which REAL money appear--they appear in the STATES, as in nations, who build all necessary infrastructure ranging from finances and banks, to courts, to foreign ministries, to real industries to armed forces which protect all this infrastructure and it is only THERE where modern money can appear. Not in imagination of some self-anointed brainiaks who think that they are smarter than everybody else, including people and institutions who are in charge of real money.

We may say whatever we want here about US Dollar, or, for that matter, Yuan or Ruble, but behind all of these currencies are massive institutions of economic, financial and military national power which, justly so, will not allow some bedbug play the game for which he is utterly unqualified, especially when based on loony ideology of libertarianism. I am 100% positive that Russian government in private is rather satisfied with this outcome and is smirking observing the bedbug being squashed by real power. I am smirking too, I love when arrogant narcissists are shown their real place, even when it is done by such unholy structure as US financial empire. As for "more balance" in this "overly centralized world" which was so "viciously" taken from Durov, I think the 35 year old boy (these types seldom grow into real men) better not go where the REAL balance and decentralization of this world is being forged by people with "funny" degrees and backgrounds most of which Durov never heard about. You know, people who operate in reality not in the virtual world of social networks. In this case I would suggest Durov to continue exploiting the idea of social networking, and not get into the world of real power, and that is the power of the state. He simply is unqualified for that. And that is why I am absolutely heartbroken... not.  

P.S. Second name Durov in Russia, while popular, has a little bit of a funny ring to it, wink, wink. 

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