Wednesday, April 8, 2020

As Was Predicted.

Russia has no problem dictating conditions. This is happening now in a not so subtle manner as was the case with Crimea in 2014, or even March 1, 2018 Putin's Address to Federal Assembly. Then it was more in a manner of showing with message hidden behind the action. Now it is explicit and cannot be read any other way:
So, it is difficult to spin it since it is clearly articulated. In general, just read the whole thing, of course keeping in mind that this is Bloomberg and most of the input from "inside Russia" they use is from all those clones of the Western media (RBC, Kommersant etc.) and "analysts" who excel at gathering rumors at Moscow's shuffle of rich and allegedly powerful and many of who are directly into anti-Russia propaganda, enough to remember Saponkov affair. The question is not about the "difference of opinions" but in the open support of Russia's most destructive (and largely criminal) forces. So, just be aware. 

In related news, Russian Prosecutor General Office declared The Jamestown Foundation an "undesirable" organization on Russia's territory (in Russian) and that is long overdue. But as they say, better late than never. The answer to the question of why this outhouse was tolerated for so long can easily be found within Moscow liberal (aka pro-democracy) Parnassus which is being cut to size and moved to where it belongs--to the remote fringes of Russia's society. Expect Western media's lament on the removal of this CIA outlet from Russia. No other reaction is expected. But as they say--Good Riddance. 

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