Friday, April 3, 2020

Afterglow Friday.

It came to me that after watching Twin Peaks Season Three. It all came together spurring from Davis Lynch's Dune which I know by now every line, that Twin Peaks wrapped it up for me in terms of what Paul Atreidis, played then by Kyle MacLachlan, embodied in Special Agent Dale Cooper. Lynch, probably, embodies the pinnacle of an American culture in a sense of finding humanity, beauty and love in the midst of a complete insanity, mayhem and confusion. Ah, yes, about the beauty. So let's recall one which blew everyone away then in late 1980s and still, even today, remains beautiful, however merciless to all of us time is. Sherylin Fenn's beauty is so powerful that it is incomprehensible how we ended up with tattooed gift-less pretentious nobodies trying to define femininity and attraction by bearing it all.   
This is not to mention the fact that Angelo Badalamenti's music is haunting and once you heard it--it stays. Here is Fenn doing her dance in 1990:
And this is her in 2017. 
It is, indeed, dreamy. Badalamenti (Angelo) and his music is this ingredient which makes it simply intoxicating. But then Season Three adds Chromatics. Here is fans' compilation:
Here is official; 
I envy people who would experience this for the first time.

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