Friday, April 3, 2020

Ziad Sawi Asked Me.

So, I might as well come clean here.You know how I am averse to commenting on US Armed Forces cadre tribulations. Here is Ziad's question: 
Here is my answer:
You are "killing' me Ziad;)) I wanted to stay away from it but you got me, buddy. LOL. OK, here it is--he is an honorable man, a true officer and true CO who cares for his people. Most likely he also knew what was coming, which makes me respect him even more. Navy fvcked it up badly, especially in the times when men of integrity are worth gold in their weight, hell, more than that.
So, I am on record now. It is not for me to assess what was going on there, but I think Captain Crozier did a very honorable thing. 

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