Monday, April 27, 2020

I Like This Headline.

Russia Steals Chinese Oil Market Share From Saudi Arabia
Oh boy, the number of sore losers out there is simply staggering. The only question one is forced to ask is, what about competition, people? What about this main founding principle of capitalism and of market as a place where one competes against others for the share of the said market? In related news--there is some opinion out there (you can find it if you want, I will not name a source) that Russia simply followed the game of Saudis in this oil war. Sure, Saudis will take the fall and formally they are the main driver behind attempts (successful, actually) to kill US shale oil, but Russia was not a reactive power in that. I don't buy for a second that Russians didn't calculate consequences of their refusal to to extend OPEC+ agreement in Vienna this March. I don't buy it, neither Putin, nor Sechin, nor Novak look like dupes who are not briefed by Russian Intelligence Community on the state of the affairs in the energy field and who didn't account for the worst case scenario. I don't buy it for a second. Why? Recall Russia "adjusting" her budget for $20 per barrel price of oil. One detail, to re-write the budget for such nation as Russia is a matter of not just days, but weeks, or even months. Yet, the speed with which this budget, evidently, has been already rewritten is a testimony to the fact that this whole shitstorm was anticipated. Why? here is funny "coincidence" today. 
Of course, everyone was affected negatively in this oil crisis, Russia is no exception, but the game is a typical Russian one, the winner is the one who is affected less and is standing in the end. Maybe because Russians know that in war, any war, being untouched by it is a fantasy, not reality. As for Russia "stealing" the Chinese market--I don't know under what stone those journos and "analysts" resided in the last 6-7 years but it is about time for them to admit to themselves that they are full o' shit--a defining characteristic of Western media and think-tankdom--and are good for nothing other than pure propaganda. 

As I already stated, the game is much more than about oil markets, it is about new world order which emerges as a result of the severe, unsolvable, crisis of liberalism and this is just the start. Oil market is but one of the links in a long chain of events which were set in motion in the Autumn of the last year. Covid-19 simply triggered the avalanche. Per this, obviously some recovery of economies of the United States and EU will happen, plus many things which we all got used to will return, as will return air-travel and some form of tourism, as will price for the oil rise to around $40 per barrel, but that will be already a different world in which ideological economic and geopolitical orthodoxies will be utterly destroyed and the volume (eleven, really) of butt-hurt in Anglo media, such as globalist Financial Times or any other pseudo-analytical outlets is the greatest testimony that the world has already changed and will change even more. I would suggest to the staff of NYT or WaPo to start looking for the jobs as lawn mowers, or Walmart night shift shelf stokers, because the process which will relegate them to those positions has started. Plus, I, being naive, am still waiting for the indictments from AG Barr of those Russigate (ahem, coup d'etat) perpetrators. But as I said, I am very naive.   

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