Wednesday, April 8, 2020

What's Left After.

And somehow this comes to mind. The concert I would camp a night in a front of venue to get to. How the hell Don Henley still sounds like this is insane, Joe Walsh, well, one of the greatest guitar players of all time (Don Felder is still out, and Glenn Frey, RIP) but pay attention to how many Russian comments are under this, and how even shitty sound still shows how incredible Eagles sound live. And, yes, these are pieces and bits of America (not a trap of California consumerism and debauchery) which produced at some point of time a truly great art. 
I also have a personal secret. My relation to Eagles through couple of people is much closer than you may think. Let's put it this way-I was privy to some private recordings of Jack Tempchin, late Glenn Frey and another dude from Wilshire Boulevard. But that is a separate story altogether. 

And she is back after going missing for two years.  
This, basically, transcends borders.

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