Friday, April 3, 2020

Serbia Is Next.

As with Italy, the group of 11 Military Transport Aviation aircraft was formed by the orders of Sergei Shoigu to start deliveries of equipment and specialists to Serbia to help to deal with Covid-19. First IL-76s already landed in Serbia (in Russian). So, does anyone have any questions about "where is Russia" when speaking about Serbia anymore? I guess all questions have been answered. The reason Serbia wasn't first most likely is simple--Lombardy was in such a rough shape that aid was needed there first and it was needed urgently. It is clear that Russia will not abandon Serbs as people. Serbia's political top is a different matter--it is very pro-EU. Albeit, at this stage one question is not just warranted, but is irresistible--so how did EU perform so far? We all know the answer. 
These are Russia's brothers in blood and faith and finally all speculations (and trolls) are put to rest.  

UPDATE: from Russia's MoD from Serbia. Arrival of the first "bort" (board, aircraft). No interpreter between Russians and Serbs is crucial, a lot in common in languages. 

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