Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Take It Any Way You Want.

I warn immediately--most, so called, "liberal" (that is radically pro-Western, neo-liberal) Russian media are mostly trash when providing any content which is military and geopolitics related, well--economy too. Russian "business" outlet Kommersant is the case in point. Enough to recall how this rag, based on the "info" of its "military" source, who later turned out to be self-proclaimed Syrian "war correspondent" Saponkov, spread the BS about allegedly 7 Russian aircraft heavily damaged at Khmeimim Air Base on the New Year's eve. Couple days later Russian MoD completely demolished this BS. Yes, the empennage of a single Su-24 was slightly damaged with shrapnel, it was replaced within 24 hours and the aircraft continued to fly combat missions. Saponkov, instead of apologizing doubled down on his and his Syrian "sources" (a janitor in the staff building, I guess) info and eventually simply humiliated himself to the point of many even naive followers of Syrian War giving up on this moron. That is "liberal" Russian media for ya.

So, Kommersant published this (in Russian) on the 24th. From its military sources.
По неофициальным данным, в течение двух недель в Сирию из России будут доставлены два полковых комплекта ЗРК С-300, которые по согласованию с сирийской стороной будут прикрывать объекты на побережье Сирии, а также контролировать границы с Израилем, Иорданией, Ливаном и Ираком. Собеседник “Ъ”, знакомый с ситуацией, уточнил, что количество дивизионов может измениться в зависимости от ситуации: «Поставки начнутся с двух-четырех, а потом, если надо, это количество можно довести до шести-восьми».
Translation: according to unofficial data, in two weeks TWO regimental sets of S-300 will be delivered, which, in agreement with Syrian side will be covering objects along the coast and will control borders with Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq. Kommersant's source, who knows situation, pointed out that the number of divizions may change depending on the situation. "Deliveries will start with 2-4, and then, if necessary, the number could be increased to 6-8".  

Alrighty then. IF, I underscore it, IF this information is correct and there will be TWO regiments of S-300 delivered (if not already) to Syria, this really changes the picture "slightly" more than it was thought initially. You know, Al-Tanf, which, we all know, is the main center of the "fight" with terrorism, by means of training them and then sending them to be slaughtered by Syrians, Russians and Iranians,  will be "covered" too. This may change the game even further but we do not want to get there yet. So, for now, take it any way you want.      

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