Tuesday, September 25, 2018

So It Is S-300PMU2 Favorit.

If to believe Izvestya's (in Russian) sources in MoD, Syria is getting full regiment (two divizions--not to be mistaken with division) of S-300 with all bells and whistles, including with the latest missiles, capable of working against aerial target on the ranges of up to 250 kilometers.  Each divizion is 12 launchers with 4 missiles in each. The mathematics is simple: 2 divizions x 12 launchers x 4 missiles = 96 missiles. The latest most capable EW means are already delivered to Syria--that explains a furious activity of military-transport aviation around Khmeimim couple of days ago. If S-300 is delivered, as it was stated, from storage--that means it is not an export version. 

Hasbara trolls and all kinds of Israel's military "experts" are out in force and bravado continues, but it is very characteristic of the area with its, be that Arab or Jewish, culture of showing off and pretending to be what they are not. Will Israel try to prevent deployment of the S-300? Possible. In a bizarre statement today Israel's government vowed to continue fighting Iran in Syria, while maintaining close coordination with Russian forces (in Russian). Sure, but all coastal Syria is now off the limits plus some part of S-300 will be deployed somewhere around Damascus. That has some (limited) implications for Lebanon, with its complex terrain, but in general it is absolutely clear that heavy "artillery" has arrived and there will be now a very real full integration of all AD means in Syria into cooperative engagement network. 

Israel could have avoided this by merely sticking to gentlemanly agreement with Russia, but Israeli arrogance, recklessness and, I may add, stupidity in some higher military-political echelons brought about the imposition of no-fly zone and I can only imagine what AIPAC and Israel's operatives are doing now in D.C. They are hysterical and draft dodger in chief John Bolton already expressed his "opinion" yesterday, not that anybody in Moscow gives a damn what this bureaucrat has to say. One has to reap what is sown. Or, as they say in Russia--you sow the wind, you reap the hurricane.  

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