Friday, September 7, 2018

Signs Of Life?

I am, frankly, burned out this week, but I couldn't miss this (do not forget to turn on English CC): 

An interesting feature, Chemnitz is Eastern Germany, it is former DDR. It still has German heart beating in it--Soviet "occupation" you say? Recall Stalin's Hilers come and go, Germany remains. That wasn't the case of West Germany which eventually was turned into multicultural emasculated cloaca. At least German cops carry guns. Rings any bells? The same is going on in the US.

Meanwhile, in Poland, in Czczesin, a new height (bottom) of Europe's decline and resistance. LGBT picnic for... children. Obviously those LGBT got their asses kicked with real Polish men screaming...This is Poland, not West

Europe, are there still real men and women left? There are some signs of life, are they the last breath before dying or a first sign of recovery? Patrick Armstrong left an incisive piece on his website called What We Threw Away. I agree with many points he makes, especially with this:
But some responses to challenges are not so successful and we must ask what has become of our boasted “values” today? Well, we’re still free to speak our minds. Not of course if it’s hate speech or fake news; who could defend that? And not, certainly, to offend anyone’s safe space. And you’d probably better not say anything in Russian. Political freedom? Not entirely gone I suppose, in those little corners not already bought up by lobbyists. And it would certainly be wrong to question anything said or done by “those brave men and women who put their life on the line for our safety”. Free enterprise of course still flourishes. In whatever tiny spaces a few gigantic and well-connected corporations have not yet got to.

Altogether, we can’t be very happy with the state of pluralism in the West. And if I’m correct that pluralism is the key to survival, how much longer do we have?
I still have to get to operation in Idlib and what surrounds it, some of my thoughts on that are spread across 3-4 articles at Unz while talking to Paul Craig Roberts. We'll see how we survive this weekend. I need a glass of Gentleman's Jack and a cigar. Some jazz or fusion will come handy too. Or maybe Pink Floyd? Especially with my newly found admiration for Roger Waters--as a human, that he is a musical genius we knew all along.

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