Thursday, September 13, 2018

Another Piece Of The Puzzle.

For some time now I do not view DJT as a responsible and competent (well, that illusion I lost much earlier) leader anymore. Here is a very interesting insight from Military Times on "Mad Dog" Mattis.   
Ah, if true, that makes some things clear even if Mattis is not sent packing immediately. And here is a key phrase from this piece:
But his departure would cause shock waves on Capitol Hill, where many lawmakers see Mattis as a calming force within the turbulent administration.
What is left in DJT Administration if Mattis goes is a complete lack of any competence or expertise on military power and its application. Two people, one show-biz personality and another draft-dodger and a lawyer by trade will be left alone to decide how to use their military. One is full of bluster another is, most likely, suffering from the denial of himself being a coward. Talk about monkey with grenade--here it is, ladies and gentlemen. Talk about the whole thing just completely going down with a bang. As I said, if we live, why not to expect Oprah running on Democrat ticket in 2020.  It is a grim perspective but what can I say--judging by the last 17 years it was inevitable in some form of this complete madness. 

But give Trump the credit where it is due--he is a good actor, to BS convincingly so many people during his campaign that he has a vision--this is worthy of Oscar. Well, we can see his vision now and it is once of aggressive imperialism accompanied by the feats of bluster by a man who has no business running a nuclear superpower. 

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