Tuesday, September 11, 2018

France's A-Ha Moment Is So... French.

Oh, poor-poor dears from Paris. They don't recall that it was their midget Sarkozy who initiated a lot of hell in Libya and, along the way, helped, with the US assistance, to legalize a lot of Jihadist activity. Hey, French public enthusiastically approved of that. In the end, it was French public who also elected their immigrant "enthusiast" Hollande. 
PARIS: French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian warned Tuesday that a Syrian government offensive on the last rebel stronghold of Idlib could scatter thousands of foreign terrorists abroad, posing a security threat to the West. “There are in all likelihood dozens of French fighters from both Al-Qaeda and Daesh” in Idlib, Le Drian told France’s BFMTV, warning that there were “also many terrorists from other nations who could scatter” in the event of a joint Syrian-Russian offensive, posing “risks for our security. Le Drian said there was “still time to guard against this scenario” and expressed support for Turkey “in its efforts to keep the population safe, particularly the civilian population.” France, the European country worst hit by a wave of attacks since 2015, has been on high alert for radicals returning home from areas in Iraq and Syria that have been recaptured from Daesh.Le Drian estimated at “between 10,000 and 15,000” the number of terrorists left in Idlib. “The attack being prepared by the Syrian regime with Russia’s backing is extremely dangerous,” he said.
Ain't karma a bitch? So, now French body politic worries that its own French-produced, in different ways of manufacturing,  chickens (I mean terrorists) may come home to roost? I have some bad news for Le Drian and others from French government quarters--too late. I  know how Russians paid in 1990s for own stupidy and self-betrayal. They learned their lesson a hard way, a really hard way. They fought back. The same lesson expects France and her people, it is already a bloody lesson, but that is just the warm up--things will get much-much worse in the nation which stopped producing Napoleons and De Gaulles and produces only infantile opportunists and cowards. French didn't have inhibitions against attacking Syria, why would Russia and Syria now really care about why France turned herself, completely on own volition, into multicultural cloaca? It is just that I have doubts about French learning their lesson. So, France, how about you start with cleaning up Paris which turned into a literal shithole and then, maybe, take some lessons from Russians who, if they will agree, will teach you how to really fight terrorism, not simulate this fight. 

There is always the price to be paid and whole nations often pay for their self-betrayal. In the end, let French read Houllebecq's Submission--they may need it against the relentless assault from militant Islam. I, frankly, have very little sympathy left for people who humiliate themselves.

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