Monday, September 24, 2018

Well, Duh!

For anyone who expected anything less than that--it is time to get out of a bubble of fluffy rhetoric and pompous statements and get down to reality.  I hate to say "I told you so", but from the get go it was clear no matter what Israel does now, Russia had several options how to react. Well, she did by going through with her contractual 2013 obligations to Syria and she will supply S-300, modern EW means and, as one might have expected, those systems are fully capable for real integration into the network thus providing CEC (Cooperative Engagement Capability). A no-fly zone is already established along the coast to some depth of Syria's territory and it is just the start of measures. 

Meanwhile hysteria that Putin sold Russia out to Israel and that Russia bowed to mighty Jerusalem (or Tel Aviv, what have you) will continue, as well as Israel's huffing and puffing. Israel was given for three years, on a gentleman's agreement with Russia, almost free hand when it was coming down to primarily Hezbollah and Iran's military activity in Syria. By entering the off limits safe zone of Russian forces Israel violated this agreement. It all resulted in IL-20 tragedy. This is not the way to conduct business with Russia and so the way has changed. 

Here is another thing which fort sure now will be transferred to Syrian Forces (wink, wink) and it will ensure that Russian and Syrian AD systems will be fully integrated. But, obviously, business as usual cannot continue and it will not. The rest is the matter for pundits and internet "experts" to interpret. 

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