Monday, September 10, 2018

Two Can Play The Game.

The difference, of course, is that Russians usually do not stage "chemical attacks" and do fight very real terrorists.  Here is a real shot across the bow for Ukraine. Russia's major media report about FSB catching an SBU asset from... ISIS (in Russian).

It is not necessary to comment on Ukraine in general and SBU's in particular involvement with all kinds of dirty assets from terrorists to very high probability of being "helpful" in producing a truck load of utter "intelligence" Trump-Russia collusion trash for the benefit of HRC and her campaign. It is just that this time the matter and accusation go really public. The question is not that Ukraine tries a terrorist activity on Russian territory--that everybody who has half-brain knows. It is that the connection between Ukraine and ISIS terrorists has been exposed this way.

Hm, why would Russia do this? I guess the message is clear: there is a consistent stream of information from Syria about weapons being delivered through (or BY) Ukraine to Al Qaeda and ISIS groups in Syria. Considering the fact that Ukraine lives under de facto external control it is easy to make a connection who really plays the puppet master. Not that cabal in Kiev wouldn't like most Russians dead and Russia... well..."ukronazified", but that is beyond the point in overall strategic situation. At this stage the United States which is undergoing a complete meltdown of its state institutions and is in the process of a slow coup, as the last resort has three possible pressure points (shcwerpunkt) , short of all out war with Russia. Those are obvious:

1. Ukraine;
3. Nord Stream-2 and Europe. 

Numbers 1 and 2 involve an open military action either by proxy or, as some madmen in D.C. suggest, in first person against Russia. Well, if there could be some "calculations" on possible Syria provocation which can contain at least slim theoretical chances of gaining whatever neocon cabal wants to gain (long ago gone self-respect?), Ukraine is the place where the final remaking of the European (and global) Order will happen. It may happen relatively slow or it may happen really fast and this depends only on Russia and how she wants to proceed. Poroshenko desperately needs some kind of "action" and he doesn't give a damn if he loses most of Eastern Ukraine as a result--he needs political power by means of cancelling "elections" (or rather parade of Ukrainian psychopaths vying for power). He needs "war" with Russia. Obviously it has to be such a war that doesn't result in complete demolition of the Ukrainian State and Poroshenko, if shit hits the fan, having enough time for Porky to escape Pskov and Ivanovo paratroop divisions deploying around and into Kiev. Poroshenko needs something middle of the road. After all, nobody wants to have personal X-101 or 3M14 assigned to oneself. 

The United States also needs SOME reaction from Russia along the lines US "elites" think are beneficial to the US. OK, not to the US--to them personally, staying in power and finishing off what's left of once beautiful American idea of Republic and Supremacy of the LAW.  And here we run immediately into the same wall which I try to bypass for several years now--how can you explain to those "elites" that instead of saving the Republic they not only bankrupted it but accelerate its decline with each passing day. At this stage I don't think it is possible to explain this to the American power elite, at least most people there. It is not just that America has been sold out to Israeli, Saudi, and whoever pays more, interests, it is just we finally have to say this openly--modern American political class is dumb as a stump. It is uneducated and it is good only for one thing--to keep itself re-elected and close to government sinecures. They don't understand that there is no "winning" under any circumstances anymore. And that is what makes them so dangerous--monkey with a grenade is not a pretty or calming sight. So, what is it going to be: Syria or Ukraine? Or both? Truth is, many in D.C. are war criminals and terrorist enablers--I don't think any of them wants to face justice, a real one. But as much as I do not take anything what came out of Tom Clancy's amateur imagination, I somehow like the ending of otherwise lame The Sum Of All Fears. Granted we all survive and that Republic survives, I still have a hope, however fainting with every passing day. After all, real life is not Hollywood. 


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