Tuesday, September 25, 2018

On A Lighter Note.

I couldn't miss that. 

 Judge appears likely to toss Stormy Daniels' defamation suit.

I am not going to lie, I honestly told my wife of almost 35 years that I need to "research" Stormy Daniels' "art".  So, after "researching" it, the question is--defame what? I understand that democrats are desperate to completely destroy what's left of American Republic and impeach Trump while cowardly GOP, as always, is looking for a better deal for themselves and 1 percenters. But it takes an enormous imagination to view the claims of a porn "actress" (yes, they "act", alright) about defamation as valid. Poor Stormy, I guess her reputation suffered and now she is being viewed as... a porn star? Didn't she learn what comes with the territory when one becomes a porn "star"? 

That doesn't stop here, in another first in an increasingly filthy American political circus, Vogue Magazine gave a photo-shoot to this fine representative of "acting profession" (not that Hollywood royalty is much better, they are simply more elite prostitutes). And while on its own terms this whole thing is hilarious, in a black comedy sort of way, one is forced, after all laughter subsides, to ask question--do they even understand what they are doing to the country. I said not for once, nowadays terms democracy and the United States are simply not compatible anymore and shouldn't be used in the same sentence, but for goodness sake, can one at least produce adequate, forget competent, forget patriotic or at least believably decent, oligarchy? Can we get, goddammit, at least competent shysters, who at the very least get what is good for them?  Both Democrats and Republicans are directly responsible for the mayhem they produced. Democrats, because these are their "operatives" who completely corrupted and paralyzed every single power institution in the US. Republicans? Well, as I stated, because they are cowards with no principles. Both parties (in reality it is a single party now) are power hungry and care only about themselves and their donors. 

While primarily, "progressive" media are ready to promote any filth as a valid "argument" in them trying to destroy last vestiges of law and order in the US, I, being ethnically and culturally Russian, can totally understand pure-bred Americans whose fists are already clenched and glances increasingly become cold. Here is another dumb bimbo who earns money by pretending to be somebody else and who is into "remaking things" while her limousine waits for her to deliver her to gated community to maybe continue with her "self-education", which she, obviously, lacks greatly. As, in general, it is applicable to most of Hollywood. So, in this case I see very little difference between Stormy Daniels as an "actress" and  American progressive artsy strata as valid political activists--both fuck people for the money. 

P.S. Didn't come out "light", didn't it? 

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